A personalised day at Blackburn Library

On Tuesday 16th April 2019 the Strong Sisters spent the day with Librarian Mary Painter. They were given exclusive access to reference material and had the opportunity to use the microfilm machines, and take a step back in time.

One of our sisters looked through a reel from Lancashire Evening Telegraph, 1982, and found an article on the first women’s relay team to run the 268 mile Pennine Way!!!

Our younger Strong Sisters researching through exclusive reference material collections and newspaper cuttings, for their project focal personalities of Kathleen Ferrier and Barbara Castle.

Looking into personal histories …

Blackburn with Darwen Library has access to ancestry websites, which allow people to trace their histories. However some of our Sisters come from Migrant backgrounds and did not expect to find anything related to them. They were surprised to find some birth records relating to their families.

They found something!!!

The following Sunday session, the Sisters reflected on what they had learnt. We can’t wait to upload their post!!!

Exploring Blackburn’s Museum

On Wednesday 10th April 2019, the Strong Sisters visited the Museum in preparation for a future meeting with a curator.

The Sisters at Blackburn Museum

The Sisters exploring the Handling boxes and learning about other cultures.

One of our Strong Sister leaders and a Strong Sister young person, trying outfits from the Asia based handling boxes.

Our Strong Sisters explored the artwork around the Museum and struggled to find work by female artists. Eventually coming across a self-portrait by Hillary Coddington Lewis.

Coddington Lewis, Hillary; Self Portrait; Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery; http://www.artuk.org/artworks/self-portrait-153742

We would like to thank The Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery, for our visit.

We would encourage our readers to visit the Museum and explore the riches for yourself.

Some of our Sisters were surprised to learn that other Sisters could relate well to parts of the exhibitions on display. We found it interesting that parts of our Sister’s cultures and history were on display and bought back some fond memories.

The Sisters also became interested in learning about Blackburn’s contribution in the Cotton Industry, and how very young children worked under the industrial machinery, in poor working conditions. They also explored the role Women played in the industry and during the War.

Looking further into the roles Women played and their influence and importance in our history, we came across displays of Kathleen Ferrier – a focal point in our research.

The following Sunday session the Sisters reflected on what they had learnt. We can’t wait to publish their post.