Preparing for our first ever exhibition!!!

With our first ever exhibition scheduled for the end of July 2019, the Sisters worked really hard over the 2 weeks before.

After coming up with a preliminary plan, the Strong Sisters met up often to motivate each other, start their actions and have fun 😉

Strong Sisters working on their banner

As can be seen in the above photos, our Strong Sisters worked hard putting to use their research and creativity skills.

The younger Strong Sisters researched the concept of ‘Banners’, by looking over the information they had gathered at the Manchester People’s Museum and exploring it’s significance within the British Textile Biennial 2019.

They then experimented using Fabric Paint, and creating their own banner.

The older Strong Sisters wanted to bring awareness and represent their discoveries on Suffragettes from the localities of Blackburn, Accrington and Oswaldtwistle.


Reflecting on how far the Strong Sisters have come

Welcoming the monsoon weather, the Strong Sisters took some time out and reflected upon their experiences so far.

They have shared with us below their observations and reflections:-

“Since the beginning, some people in the strong sisters group have become closer and have been able to understand cultures and values of everybody. This was largely as a result of the trips we have been on together. This group can be strengthened, however, through further contribution from everyone collectively in all the group work that we carry out, because it would allow everyone to communicate more and become more comfortable with each other.”

“I’d say, so far the group is slowly growing and trying to understand each other. I’d say some people still have their barriers up and aren’t able to break through them and stay in their comfort zone. Due this issue, I hope we can break the barrier today and there are less barriers between each other than in the beginning. I believe we can do better and progress together and we shall be successful. ❤️ “

“I think that the Strong Sisters project is going well. Although we mess about most of the time, we still get our work done. In my opinion, we have made a lot of progress as some of us have already created blogs for Strong Sisters before. We have all also created our logos and uploaded the blog for the project. This is why I think that we have done a lot in the last three months.”

“The strong sisters group is great, informative and fun. We have learnt how different women have inspired us over the years e.g. local mayoresses, different craft women who work in different types of factories and how our family have helped and inspired us to be the person we are today.
The format of the group has changed a lot since the first week as a lot of us feel more comfortable expressing our views, contributing and we try and help more to get the people who are not as comfortable at contributing, are not as confident to speak their mind and join in. “

“One of the main reasons why i chose to join the strong sisters project is because i love to find new inspiration. Exploring different religions and experience opens up new inspirations.During the strong sisters project i have learnt about new cultures and experiences. We went to the museum and found out about different religions and their practices. Exploring these new religions helps me to see the world in a new prospect. The strong sisters group i am a  part of brings new things to the group each session. Everyone embraces and has an open mind about each of the cultural backgrounds everyone brings. “

Welcoming a new Strong Sister

As we embraced the monsoon weather, we also embraced a new strong sister.

“I am a new strong sister my name is Becky. I joined the strong sisters project in order to find someone who inspires me to become stronger. I love travelling and meeting new people. I  want to be brought out my comfort zone by doing different things I never thought I would do.”

“…matchbox challenge…within a minute…-video”

post by Nat

Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Education trust

I learnt about the different questions that I can ask in an interview which are open and close questions, the correct way to ask the questions which are not too forward, Also I learnt how to do an icebreaker.

People History Museum

I learnt about the suffragettes and the year when women were allowed to vote. I also learnt how extreme they became to be able to vote e.g. hunger strikes (being force fed) , tying themselves to vehicles.

In the museum I learnt how to do the matchbox challenge. I put the box together to make it 3D, I needed to put as many boxes as you can within a minute. I attached a video of me doing the matchbox challenge.

“…I discovered many other things that I didn’t know before.”

post by Salihah

On the 30th of May the Strong Sisters visited two different places in Manchester: Manchester Central Library and People’s History Museum. One of our members failed to wake up early, therefore she missed the trip. In my opinion she is very lazy.

We traveled to Manchester by train. As it was my first time traveling by train, I was very afraid but I survived. Sadly, Zunairah didn’t as she slept halfway through.

We finally arrived at Manchester. We left the train station and walked to the Library. Once we arrived, we met two ladies who talked us through a presentation. We learnt about the short life of Ahmed Iqbal and also got given tips which will help us to carry out interviews. Although I began to fall asleep halfway through the presentation I was happy because Zainab gave me sweets 🙂 My suffering had ended.

After that, we visited a Museum. Unfortunately, a lady wearing pink sent us to the wrong place and we got lost on the way there . However, we managed to get to the place we needed to be. We explored the Museum and took a lot of pictures. In my opinion, this was the second best bit of the day. The first was the train. In the museum, we saw different sculptures that looked really creepy. We explored the rest of the museum and found some things related to the suffragettes. We also found information on how people back then thought about women having the right to vote. For example, Queen Victoria believed that women shouldn’t vote. I discovered many other things that I didn’t know before.

The day had finally ended and we sat on a train which led us back home, I slept the whole way through 🙂