Planning a Picnic on behalf of the BYZ Family Fun Day

Mid-August the Strong Sisters were requested to host a picnic as part of the Blackburn Youth Zone Summer Family Fun Day.

As you can see in the picture, they had a helping hand from youth worker – Fatima.

The Sisters used 6 loaves of bread and made:

  • tuna filling
  • tuna and sweetcorn filling
  • cheese filling
  • cheese and sweetcorn filling

They also prepared:

  • a summer pasta salad; they pitted the olives, cut the peppers and red onion and boiled the pasta. They seasoned it with salt, pepper and cayenne pepper, and scooped in tons of mayonnaise.
  • fruit such as strawberries, pineapple, grapes and bananas on cocktail sticks for a chocolate fountain.

On the day of the event, the chocolate fountain decided not to co-operate and would not heat up. Luckily, Strong Sister Zunairah’s mum lent us her chocolate fountain for the day – Strong Mum Saves the Day!!!

Thank you!!!!

Exploring the dying art of … handwritten letters

As part of exploring Women’s voice and conducting interviews, the Strong Sisters have identified some globally recognised Strong Sisters, such as Michelle Obama and HRH Queen Elizabeth II !!!

Recognising that it may not be possible to interview such esteemed women in person, the Sisters came up with the idea of asking the interview questions in a letter.

Here are some of the things the Sisters reflected on:

“I’ve never really had to write a letter like this before. I’ll have to do some research first.”


“I can’t just write ‘hi, how are you?’ to a Princess can I? Can we google how to write an official letter to Princess Megan?”


“Technically the Queen is a girl like us. But she wears hats which match her clothes. Can I ask her if she wears matching underwear too?”


“There are too many people I want to write to! What if they don’t reply? What if our letters get lost?”


“I don’t think big personalities like this would see our letters. I don’t even know where to start. Do you think I would be able to ask K-Pop people?”