Our Strong Sister took part in a Memory Walk !!!

Our very energetic Strong Sister took part in the 2019 Memory Walk, in aid of raising awareness for Dementia.

“I have never been this tired in my whole life. But I am glad I conquered it. I trained for a couple of days … but not properly. I just sort of went with it. I am annoyed that my hair and make up was a bit messy by the end, but at least I made an effort to do something good. When I got back from the Walk, I was supposed to go back home. But I went to Youth Zone and hung out with the rest of the Strong Sisters. They were supposed to be working on interview questions, but I think I distracted them and we started to talk about Dementia. Apparently you say it as ‘de-mentia’ and not ‘di-mention’, although people do die from it.” – I

“Who said making Biryani was hard?!”

Strong Sisters Nat, Rhianna and Chloe wanted to know why everyone seems to love eating Biryani, but not a lot of people liked cooking it.

“We had a good time making Biryani as a group. We found out even more about each other and the different techniques we used in cooking. I didn’t think there would be a difference in measuring things like salt and black pepper. I am used to measuring everything specifically but I found out today that it is common for Asian people to estimate the amount they put in. I thought at first that the biryani might not come out so good. But when we all sat down with our Sunday Girls Group, everyone liked it. Today i learnt sometimes you have to trust your gut, when in comes to cooking” – Chloe

Reflections After The Picnic


The picnic was for the family fun day. For the picnic which the strong sisters made, we had pasta, sandwiches, chocolate fountain with fruit, tea, coffee and juice. For the family fun day, we also had an exhibition which went well because people who came to the family fun day, looked at what the strong sisters project was. During the family fun day, more people arrived to it, did different activities such as: henna, face painting, bouncy castle, climbing, blowing bubbles and they also had the picnic and looked at the exhibition. Before the family fun day, I felt a bit nervous but excited because I didn’t know how many people would be arriving at the family fun day. After the family fun day, I felt happy. If I did the family fun day, I would talk to more people because it would help me to be more confident.


Preparing for Family fun day was exciting. We made sandwiches. I also cut peppers but was careful whilst doing so because I had never cut peppers before and I didn’t want to cut my fingers. The Monday Family Fun Day came, and I found the bubble blowing quite entertaining. After an hour I gathered my courage and served some children. Some of the kids didn’t say ‘thank you’ which annoyed me a little but I spared them their life 😉 , because they were cute.


On the family fun day, I felt as if the Strong Sisters were the servers of the day, and we had little chance to promote our work as Strong Sisters. As the staff have seen the not-so-quiet side of me, I felt a little pressure, so I had to make the most effort. So that got to me. So I had some time to myself and cried it out 🙂 . I felt my mood lift up after taking a couple of minutes. I think I was overwhelmed.


Today I felt nervous plus excited because I didn’t know how the day was going to plan out. I helped set the tables and seats, and also helped place the food. A lot of people turned up, and there were a lot of activities for different ages. The day was very successful because their was many different charities and groups who is spreading awareness about their causes. The food was tasty with many different variety.


On Family Fun Day I felt nervous because there were going to be a lot of people. Me, Salihah and Zunairah were in charge of the food area which was alright. Salihah was secretly picking at the fruit which was funny, because professionally we were going to serve first and then eat later. A lot of the people didn’t say ‘thank you’ when we helped them and I found that mean. 😦 Later on we went to Bheriee’s station which was trying to blow bubbles in a line up your arm. It was really fun! Me, Salihah, Zunairah and Cole were blowing bubbles on each other and we made such as mess! 😉 Then Bheriee came and everyone was blowing the bubbles on him which was really funny. I blew bubbles on Bheriee’s face and Zunairah’s head. I ended up blowing bubbles into Zunairah’s ear which was funny. We made so much mess but it didn’t take that long to clean up. In the end it was a really fun day


The Family Fun Day was a lot more relaxed then the previous exhibition we had done, which meant I was able to relax and enjoy the event at the same time. There were a variety of stalls which made the event interesting. Although the event was 4 hours long, it passed quickly as there were so many people that had come.