Meet the Strong Sisters …

“My name is Fareeha. I like reading, art and cooking. I love nature.”

“My name is Jess. I am part of Strong Sisters and always have loads of questions. I like coming to the sessions and meeting people that are a bit like me.”

“Hello! My name is Salihah and I am the youngest member from the strong sisters. I believe that I am an energetic person with a cool vibe. I love art and sport. I am always ready to step outside of my comfort zone and I enjoy the experiences I encounter”

“Hi my name is Nat. I am a Strong Sister and I am a BYZ member. I enjoy music, gaming, art, drama, sport and trying new activities and learning about Mental Health.”

“Hi my name is Steph and I am part of the Strong Sisters and I really enjoy dancing and singing and doing Majorettes.”

“Hello! My name is Fatimah. I’m a member of the Strong Sisters and consider myself as a passionate and dynamic novelty seeker. I love travelling and I enjoy being around different people.”

“My name is Zunairah. I am the second youngest member of the Strong Sisters group. One of my interests, is looking at different cultures as I come from an British/Asian background. One of my favourite cultures to explore at the moment is the Korean culture. I also like to explore and find new things as I want to become a designer in the future. I hope our group raises awareness of women’s empowerment and I believe we will be able to make a change.”

Our Beautiful Strong Sisters…

Our wider team of Strong Sisters ..

Lisa – Lead

Zainab – Assistant

Sandy – Strong Sister

Heena – Strong Sister

Rebekkah – Strong Sister

Laura W

Hannah A